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DNA Paternity Testing Resources

We recommend these Web sites:

Beta Paternity Testing Lab
Beta Paternity testing Laboratory performs DNA paternity testing

Health Directory
Health resources galore

Divorce site devoted to providing divorce information and help, developed and written by divorce lawyers and family law attorneys to answer your questions

Yoga Health Secrets: relaxation, stress-relief, health and inner peace
Yoga Health Secrets is a comprehensive guide to yogic techniques for happiness and good health, with onsite information and a new eBook

Free At-Home Paternity Testing Kit
100% Confidential, Results in 3-7 days

99.99% accurate results (DNA specimens are always tested twice). Low price, no hidden fees. Your complete privacy guaranteed. Expert analysis. Quick results in three to seven days, distance is not a factor.

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Home DNA Paternity Test
1st Cousin Testing
Legal DNA Paternity Testing
Twin DNA Analysis
Prenatal Paternity Testing
Aunt or Uncle Analysis
Siblingship DNA Testing
Grand-parentage Testing
Native American Verification
mt DNA Sequence Analysis
DNA Banking/Identification
DNA Detective Applications

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