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DNA Paternity Test Facts

DNA Paternity Testing Facts

* New laws against 'paternity fraud' in Ohio, Georgia and other states in USA release a man from child support obligations if a DNA paternity test concludes he is not the father. A confidential in-home test could be the first step toward freeing yourself from paying child support for a child that may not be yours.

* OCSE (Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement) data indicate that approximately 31% of men who request a paternity test during the child support establishment process are excluded as the father of the child.

* Since painless cheek swab samples are taken instead of blood samples, children of any age can be tested with the alleged father in a DNA paternity test. Even newborn infants can be tested.

* In addition to helping determine paternity, DNA Testing can also help prove grandparent/grandchild and sibling biological relationships, and can even determine whether twins are identical or fraternal. Click "Siblingship DNA Testing" to learn more.

* Drugs or alcohol can't affect the DNA test results because it's impossible to change your DNA with drugs or alcohol.

* "Motherless" testing is very common. Testing involves comparison of the DNA of the child to that of the alleged father, with or without the mother. Testing the mother allows a clearer isolation of the half of the DNA the child received from the father. The test remains 100% accurate, but the probability of paternity can be higher if the mother is tested.

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