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Get Answers To Your Paternity Questions With Legal Paternity Testing!

Legal based testing are DNA tests that are later presented as evidence in court proceedings.

Purposes of legal DNA paternity testing could be settling child support issues or fulfilling immigration requirements.

Legal paternity testing may not be court ordered but is generally requested by attorneys for the parties involved. Legal paternity tests are admissible in court and are based on strict chain of custody and sample collection from accredited hospital and clinical agencies.

Standard legal dna paternity test includes alleged father and child. It is not necessary for the mother to submit her samples.

Legal paternity testing results are admissible in most courts of law. Although some states may differ in there requirements. It is recommended that you check your State and Local Governments for regulations which may govern legal dna paternity testing service.

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These legal paternity testing services arrange the collection appointments at any one of 3000+ DNA collection sites around the world.

At the specimen collection appointment, parents and participants are required to bring:

* Valid Picture ID (adults)
* Birth Certificate (children)
* Verification of informed consent from each test participant (many states require the signature of the biological mother for children under 18 years of age).

NOTE: If either of these forms of ID are not available additional paperwork will need to be completed.

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